Messing around with self-taught electronics. by Jesús Tamez-Duque

After playing music for so long, I guess it was only natural that I wanted to try to add something more to it. We live in the age of technology, after all.

The Wind Transducer (Transductor Éolico -the original name, in spanish-) was a definite surprise to me in the sense that it came out of a simple idea of mine, of creating music through machines, and that it resulted of so much interest to so many people around. 

So I did lose the chance to get a patent out of it (lesson learnt) but I suppose I gained the confidence to explore deeper into technology focused on the artistic industry. 

I've got a lot of ideas. Maybe I can put into use some of the "engineering" things that I've picked up here and there. Perhaps I can give it another shot see what comes out of this.