First STAGEFREAK tests, done. by Jesús Tamez-Duque

It's been a long day -actually, a long couple of months-, but STAGEFREAK is finally up and running as an iOS app + hardware integration prototype, controlling our YAMAHA sound console.

So far, we've got ten different setups for ten different songs and everything's running nicely.

This first setup is focused on our band's electric guitars, integrating five different pedals, the central console and two individual amplifiers. We haven't yet tested it with our keyboards or microphones, but adapting the hardware to their specific electronics should not be that difficult.

It's 2:40am in the morning, so I guess we'll call it a night. 

Tomorrow we can start thinking about product aesthetic design.

Messing around with self-taught electronics. by Jesús Tamez-Duque

After playing music for so long, I guess it was only natural that I wanted to try to add something more to it. We live in the age of technology, after all.

The Wind Transducer (Transductor Éolico -the original name, in spanish-) was a definite surprise to me in the sense that it came out of a simple idea of mine, of creating music through machines, and that it resulted of so much interest to so many people around. 

So I did lose the chance to get a patent out of it (lesson learnt) but I suppose I gained the confidence to explore deeper into technology focused on the artistic industry. 

I've got a lot of ideas. Maybe I can put into use some of the "engineering" things that I've picked up here and there. Perhaps I can give it another shot see what comes out of this.