RemoteMapp M ©

Remote projection mapping tool for Millumin 3

The time saved by using this app is incredible, you can map with pixel-precision centimeters away from the surface. It’s really fast and accurate.
— Philippe Amand (2005 World Stage Design Gold Medal)

User acceptance testing group open, contact us to access.

You can ask for access to our beta testing group and will get an unlocked version of the app in exchange of feedback. If you were already invited to beta test this App with a public beta link you can use our forums or the TestFlight App in your Apple device to send us feedback. You can also Contact Us directly in this website and we will answer your e-mail ASAP.


Control Millumin 3 with precision

How many hours have you wasted hearing a guy in the stage with a radio, telling you to move one pixel to the left the bottom-left corner of the surface three?

RemoteMapp M provides full control for mapping adjustment in Millumin 3 and lets you map with precision in seconds.

A powerful and professional tool

Use unique features like our unique gyroscope mapping tool for quick and precise mappings. This app have several features that in some cases gives you superior mapping control than using Millumin 3 directly.




RemoteMapp M Operating modes

In the following video you can watch RemoteMapp M main Operating modes which can be selected at the top position of the App:

  • Move Mapping Corners.

  • Select Points and move with arrows.

  • Drag surfaces.

  • Snap.


Bottom Tools

In the following video you can watch how the bottom tools of the App works:

  • Connection / Subscription Settings.

  • Refresh from Millumin.

  • Undo.

  • Redo.


Layer List

At the left section of the App you will find a layer list which corresponds to the layers of your Millumin 3 session. You can select one or more layers or turn visible or invisible any layer in sync with Millumin 3.


Right Tools & our Unique Gyroscope Mode

At the right position of the application you can manage Millumin 3’s columns, move from one to another, also play and start the current column. Next you will find our unique Gyroscope Mode, which enables you to map very quickly with precision, just turn it on, and move your phone’s inclination towards front or rear, and that will automatically change the steps for moving points. In the next video you will find a demo of this feature.