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Used by Philipp Glass, El Gabinete & Philippe Amand among others.


Take control of your stage, digitally

Whether you're an amateur or professional musician, you know there's always a bunch of knobs, switches and button to mess with before and in between each song. 

Imagine all that switching and flickering happening automatically, with the push of a single button on your tablet or smartphone. 

STAGEFREAK is our hardware+software solution that lets you take full wireless control of the stage and forget about the trouble and wait in between songs. 

Plug your STAGEFREAK Interface into any hardware you use, download your STAGEFREAK APP, link them up and you're ready to go!

Build your own setups for each song and always count with automatic cloud backups and recovery if any of your gear or devices gets lost.

STAGEFREAK will take you to the next level of live performance.


Some pictures of our Hardware & Mobile App in action

StageFreak is sold directly to bands or artists and can be customized to meet your artistic requirements,
please contact us for more information & prices.